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P-208 SPECIFICATION P–208. AGGREGATE BASE COURSE DESCRIPTION 208–1.1 This Work consists of a base course composed of hard, durable particles or fragments of crushed coarse aggregate blended with either binder and fine aggregate or filler. Construct it on a prepared underlying course in accordance with these Specifications and in conformance


MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION BUREAU OF AERONAUTICS - STANDARD SPECIFICATION P-209 Crushed Aggregate Base Course DESCRIPTION 1.1 This item shall consist of a base course composed of crushed aggregates constructed on the prepared underlying course in accordance with these specifications and shall conform to


numbered class Aggregate Base Course than that specified, provided that payment will be for the class specified. Material furnished for Aggregate Base Course, Class 3 through Class 8, shall have a percent of wear by the Los Angeles Test not greater than 45 as determined by AASHTO T 96. When it is necessary to blend two or more materials, each

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AGGREGATE BASE COURSES RELEASE – R2.1.1 SECTION 32 11 23 BART FACILITIES STANDARDS Issued: 10/01/2010 PAGE 5 OF 5 STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS D. Aggregate base course 6 inches and less in thickness may be spread and compacted in one layer. For thickness greater than 6 inches, the base course aggregate shall be spread and compacted in


SECTION 02621 AGGREGATE BASE AND SUBBASE COURSES 02621.01 GENERAL A. Description Aggregate base and subbase courses shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, furnishing and placing one or more courses of aggregate, including additives when required, on a surface prepared in accordance with the Contract Documents. B. Related Work ...


laid courses of the base. The Department will not require any additional compaction. Obtain the Engineer's permission prior to revising this procedure for distribution of aggregate into the Dense Grade Aggregate or Crush Stone Base lift. When plans require the removal and replacement of traffic bound base…

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CLASS I BASE COURSE - Section 301 Class I Base Courses will be placed on a subgrade layer built in accordance with Specification Section 305. This design feature is the primary difference between Class I and Class II Base Courses. Class I Base Courses that are stabilized with cement must always be produced in a central mix plant.


referencing aggregate layer thickness recommendations in the Department's Subgrade Stability Manual for over 20 years. Anecdotal evidence from years of experience suggests the recommendations are either too conservative, or demonstrate poor performance depending on the aggregate properties and construction practices used.

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Section 800—Coarse Aggregate 800.1 General Description ... The aggregate in bituminous courses and in all types and classes of Portland cement concrete construction, ... nor as stabilizer for soil used as subgrade, base, or surface course. d. Detrimental substances shall not exceed the following limits: 1) For Portland Cement Concrete: ...

Section 305 Dense-Graded Base

(4) If the contractor substitutes 3-inch in base course or 1 1/4-inch in shoulders as allowed under 305.2.2.1, the department will pay for the substitute material as follows: - At the Base Aggregate Dense 1 1/4-Inch unit price if substituting 3-inch in base course. - At the Base Aggregate Dense 3/4-Inch unit price if substituting 1 1/4-inch in ...

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Copies of this book may be obtained from the Colorado Department of Transportation, Office of Bid Plans, 4201 E. Arkansas Avenue, Denver, CO 80222. Addenda to these specifications may be issued by the Department to suit its needs. Addenda may be accessed on the CDOT web site and will be available for purchase at prices established by the Department

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Mar 05, 2004· 9) Any limit on aggregate haul truck size may be shown on the plans. 10) Specify start and stop dates for asphalt season. 11) The rates of application of asphalt and aggregate must be shown on the plans (for estimation purposes only). 12) Show on the plans if the Department will furnish aggregate. If so, specify aggregate stockpile locations.


Materials Method 5.16 describes New York State Department of Transportation's (NYSDOT) requirements and policies for the development of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) mixture designs, including the responsibilities of the Producer and the Department. This Materials Method (MM)

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Provide Aggregate Base using aggregate material gradation Type A specified in ODOT Standard Specification Section 703.01, "Aggregate for Aggregate Base." 3.02 Open Graded Base . This work consists of constructing a permeable base course, which includes the following: Mixing aggregate and bituminous material or aggregate, Portland cement ...

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Oklahoma Department of Transportation (Department) personnel, except where specifically provided for in these Specifications, will make inspections for the State to document that the Contractor is producing an acceptable product. The Department will interpret these Specifications to allow the Contractor to control

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Provides individual specifications from AC 150/5370-10, Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports, including construction standards for general provisions, earthwork, flexible base courses, rigid base courses, flexible surface courses, rigid pavement, fencing, drainage, turfing, lighting installation, pavement rejuvenation

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SCDOT Supplemental Specifications for Highway Construction. Note: All files are presented in a PDF Format. 2007 Supplemental Specifications

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Jun 09, 2005· I am converting (CY) of aggregate (for a road construction project) to (TONS). Does any one have scientific data to use for the density of aggregate base rock? Several sources state that "most natural" aggregates have particle densities between 150 and 181 (lb/ft^3).

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TABLE OF CONTENTS . DIVISION 100 - GENERAL PROVISIONS . ... DIVISION 300 - AGGREGATE BASE COURSES . 301 Traffic-Bound Base . 302 Dense Graded Aggregate Base (DGA) and Crushed Stone Base (CSB) ... DFWR Kentucky Department of Fish and …

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2012 Standard Specifications and Provisions Standard Specifications, Special Provisions, Pay Items, and Other Resources Connect NCDOT > Resources > Specifications > 2012 …

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Remember that the aggregate base must be rolled after final trimming in order to compact any loose gravel and minor fill areas left by the trimmer or grader. Prior to surfacing, the completed aggregate base should be checked for conformity to the plan elevation and slope by string line or other method and the results recorded.


206 base course reinforcement geogrid 18 207.6.3 waste sites 24 211.3 borrow excavation 25 212.2 structure excavation - materials 25 division 300 307 crushed aggregate base course 27 311 open graded free draining base course 33 division 400 401 hot-mix asphalt base, wearing, and patching-and-leveling courses 37


301.07 Checking and Correcting Base The top of each aggregate course shall be checked transversely to the cross 80 section and all deviations in excess of 1/2 in. shall be corrected. If additional aggregate is required, the course shall be remixed and re-compacted. 301.08 Priming A prime coat, when required, shall be in accordance with 405.

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250, concrete base course, bridges, box or slab culverts, headwalls, retaining walls, pre-stressed concrete, or other heavily reinforced concrete. Avoid contamination with non-concrete materials, including joint sealants, HMA patching, and base layer aggregate or soil, when processing crushed concrete coarse aggregate. Limit contamination

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MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION BUREAU OF AERONAUTICS -- STANDARD SPECIFICATION P-208 Aggregate Base Course DESCRIPTION 1.1 This item shall consist of a base course composed of a partially crushed and uncrushed coarse aggregate combined with natural fine aggregates (sand) and soil. It shall be constructed on a prepared underlying course

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Glossary. The terms and nomenclature used in the Aggregate Producer's database are as follows: % Abs - Absorption in percent. %Carb - Percent of gravel that is derived from carbonate rock sources.. ASR - Alkalai Silica Reactivity value as determined by AASHTO T 303.. baghse fines - Mineral filler collected in the baghouse of a particular asphalt plant, permitted for use after approval testing ...


FOREWORD This publication has been prepared to provide a compilation of standard requirements used by the North Carolina Department of Transportation for construction contracts.


for insertion by reference into Alabama Department of Transportation construction contracts. U.S. Customary and Metric (SI) units of measurement are shown in this 2002 ... SOIL AGGREGATE, AND AGGREGATE, BASE AND SUBBASES 3-1 ... 420 POLYMER MODIFIED OPEN GRADED FRICTION COURSE 4-32 423 STONE MATRIX ASPHALT (SMA) 4-34 424 SUPERPAVE BITUMINOUS ...

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In coarse grain, aggregate retained by #10 sieve, %age of wear shall not be greater than 5%. The max dia of any particle shall not be greater than 2/3ed of the layer thickness of sub-base. Typical particle size distribution for the sub-base (granular) when will meet strength requirement are:

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oklahoma department of transporation, materials. For all aggregate and stone sources, click this link: All Aggregate and Stone Qualification Level Material


State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation Standard Specifications shall be used for reference when deemed necessary. Description Crushed Aggregate Base Coarse (Compaction Gravel) shall consist of one or more courses or layers of coarse aggregate, either


SECTION 304 DIVISION 300-- BASE COURSES SECTION 304 -- AGGREGATE BASE COURSE Description 1.1 This work shall consist of furnishing and placing base courses on a previously prepared subgrade or course as shown on the plans or as ordered. 1.2 This work shall also include raising the grade of the edge of the roadway shoulders with crushed aggregate as shown

Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction

State of Wyoming Department of Transportation Cheyenne, Wyoming Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction 2010 Edition Adopted by the Transportation Commission of Wyoming