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Sep 28, 2016· White Marble Thassos, Volakas and Pighes are the most famous white marble from Greece. Their color ranges from crystal pure white (snow white) to white …


Birros Hellenic Quarries is a Group of companies owned 50% by Mr. Ioannis Birros, a successful entrepreneur, with long experience in quarrying activities and 50% by Marmor SG SA, member of Stone Group International (SGI), the largest group of marble companies in Greece and a global marble …

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ABOUT Thassos white marble Thassos White marble from Greece is a white solid marble with very little variation and movement. The subtle elegance of this natural stone makes it the ideal choice to create captivating marble countertops, waterfall islands, marble tile floors, and accent walls throughout homes and commercial properties.

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The "White Thassos" quarries are found in Greece, on the beautiful emerald green and crystal clear waters homonymous Island which is located in the Northern Greece and specifically in the North-East part of the Province Macedonia. Stone mines are scattered all over the island and all of them are open-pit (as elsewhere stones may be mined underground, from tunnels).

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One non-mountainous area where high-quality white marble was plentiful was on the southernmost point of the Aliki peninsula, on the island of Thassos. Since this marble was on the coast and could be loaded directly on boats, the Aliki quarry became one of the primary sources of white marble in ancient times.

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Thassos is Greece stone quarry, welcome to buy Marble blocks from Marble quarry owners in Greece directly.

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Thassos Marble Quarry. Thassos Quarry Total Area: 9.3 acres; Verified Exploitable Reserves: 150,000 m 3: Annual Production: 6,000 m 3 ... NATURAL STONE Natural Greek Marbles Natural Imported Marbles Granites Onyx SYNTHETIC MATERIALS Quarella …


The most genuine and famous Greek «crystalline marble» is the calcite white marble harvested from mount Pentelicus and the Dionysos quarry, the semi-white marble originated from Drama, Kavala and Tranovaltos in Kozani, the Cycladic marble of Tinos island, Naxos island and Paros island, the pink marble of Lafkos in Mount Pelion and other types ...

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Exporters of premium quality Thassos marbles, with the expertise of Greco Marble SA since 1981. Thassos marble tiles and a variety of Thassos snow white marble in blocks, offcuts and squared slabs of various thicknesses are produced in our marble quarry in Greece.

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THE MOSCHOUS QUARRY ON THASSOS. We are one of the biggest producers of Thassos snow white in Greece, extracting top-quality marble from our quarry on the island of Thassos. Moschous production mounts to 8,000³m or 400,000²m annually.

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88 White Marble Quarries in Greece, All details regarding their locations, images, stock and block prices from their quarry owner.

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The inspiration for the design of "W: White Marble Culture'' with the golden sun symbol, comes from the word "marble" itself, which means "bright stone" in ancient Greek and expresses the undisputed clarity and beauty of the White marble as it reflects the Greek Light.


White Velvet marble offers an exceptional option for both interior and exterior use. A Product for Every Project Blocks, Slabs, CTS as well as standard sizes of floor and …

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Quarries Hellenic Company of Marble is a leading company in producing marble from the Greek quarries operated. Our constant business flow is the key to our access in high-quality marble stones and our knowledge of different market needs to help us in performing on a great level of client satisfaction.

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The Quarries owned by the F.H.L. I. KIRIAKDIS GROUP are excavating WHITE marbles of different varieties. All are located in Makedonia – Greece, the most productive region of white marble excavation Drama – Kavala – Thassos, from where 50% of the total White marble deposit all over the world is …

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We are suppliers and manufactures of pure white Greek marble. From ancient Greece to modern civilization and more than 3000 years of history. Naxos white marble continues to share it beauty with the world. Founded in 1986 Naxos marble is the largest quarry owner of Naxos white marble and can produce hundreds of M3 of white stone every month.

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Thassos Quarry. Skaris Thassos quarry is one of the largest and oldest in Saliara, Thassos island area, operating since 1972, by Skaris Marble SA. It produces the Thassos Snow-White material. In 2009, it become an independent JV company, with participation of LAVIMAR group.

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Our company was founded in 1972 as a quarry by Mr Dimitrios Haritopoulos in the form of sole proprietorship. In 1985 the company was reformed, and remains to this day, as a limited company under the name of D.N. Haritopoulos SA.By 1987 we were only quarrying the "Snow White" Marble of Thassos.

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Most of the Greek white marble are popular, but White Thassos marble stands out. It is pure white, with a unique crystalline appearance and it is indisputably the whitest marble in the world. White marble represent status and luxury and are being used to enhance the beauty and design of all kind of projects.

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Description : Thassos is a pure white color marble from Greece. It consists of 12% calcite, 2% quartz and 86% dolomite. Thassos name is derived from its producer place, island of Thassos, Greece. It is one of the famous building stone owing to its good hardness and long lasting polish. It is snow white marble with beautiful crystalline texture.

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Populary Greece Thassos White Marble Slab Price, Find Complete Details about Populary Greece Thassos White Marble Slab Price,Greece Thassos White Marble Slab,White Thassos Marble,Thassos White Marble Price from Marble Supplier or …

quarry owners of thassos white marble from greece

quarry owners of thassos white marble from greece quarry owners of thassos white marble from greece . For example, the Parthenon, built of Pentelikon white marble from Greece, is the Topalidis Marble & Granite is quarries owner, producer and exporter of quality includes different quality marble from Greece: white (Thassos, Ariston, Sivec,

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Thassos Marble Thassos Quarry Selections Contact Us. Thassos Marble Gr Snow white marble - The Whitest Marble in the world .01 OWN OPERATED QUARRIES. Since 2003 THASSOS MARBLE GR has produced and exported premium Thassos marble selected from the best quarries on the island. ... Our experience and detailed knowledge of the Greek marble industry;

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Topalidis Marble & Granite. Greek white marble Thassos, Ariston, Pighes, Volakas, Sivec, Naxos, Nestos, Ambrosia. Natural stone tiles from Greece. ... As marble is a natural stone material, quarry blocks, slabs, tiles, etc. are all liable to vary in colour and veining.

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In the Classical era the use of marble had significantly increased, which resulted in the prevailing of marble in the ancient Greek architecture. Marble was called, at the time, as white stone or Pentelic, Hymettus or Parian stone, and apart from the quarries of Paros and Naxos that were already famous since the Archaic era, the exploitation of ...

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There are often visits and purchases to the Thassos Island, and in our premises you can find blocks and slabs in all qualities of the Thassos white marble. Thus, proceeding with a project, our top priority is to extract all the requested material from blocks obtained from one quarry, to ensure linearity. Thassos white marble quarries

quarry owners of thassos white marble from greece

Thassos famed for its pure white marble - Greek Islands Travel. Thassos marble is famed throughout the world for its translucent quality and ... Thassos famed for its white marble ... Marble quarry at Alyki on Thassos ... The owner did not seem to know about …

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John Papagiannoulis Bros. S.A. is stone supplier from Greece, owns quarries in Thassos and Volakas and supplies a large variety of marble from Greece and other countries, welcome to buy top quality Greece Thassos marbles and Volakas marbles from Greek marble quarry owner John Papagiannoulis Bros. S.A. directly.

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Skaris Export Ltd. Stone Companies, Greece Skaris Export Ltd. is a quarrying, international stone trade, and sub-contracting company - Own quarry of Thassos Snow White - Supply of Thassos, and all types of Greek marble in form of blocks, slabs, tiles, cut-to-size, architectural items and pebbles - Consulting services for stone sub-contracting - Import and trade


MINING GREECE ANCIENT QUARRIES IN THASSOS. The Greek mining metallurgical industry is an important sector of economic activity, 4% of GDP in the country.

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Greek Thassos White Marble Mosaic, Tile, Molding, Baseboard, Border, Hexagon, 3x6, 6x12, Subway, Basketweave, Herringbone, Quarter Round, Pebble Stone